Underpants Passwords

Passwords are the first line of defence when it comes to protecting our online identities, it is really important to avoid using passwords that a cyber-criminal could guess easily. A good way to think of passwords is like underpants, you should share them with no one and change them regularly but there is always a trade-off between security and convenience.

There is so many login details to remember and no wonder that so many others resort to using the same password for all of them. But avoid this temptation, here are five things to bear in mind when creating passwords.

  1. Make them at least 15 characters long and combine letters, numbers and symbols
  2. Don’t use real words even written backwards
  3. Don’t use patterns on the keyboard
  4. Don’t include obvious things like your name, date of birth or spouse’s name
  5. Don’t recycle passwords

There are ways to create unique complex passwords that are still easy for you to remember. Start by thinking of a memorable phrase maybe a song or poem, then take the first letter of each word to create, this becomes the core of every password you create then simply add a five-step rule. For example, capitalize two to three characters, put a number, put a percentage sign and so on. It just a basic example but you can get much more creative than this if this still seems too daunting, you can save yourself the trouble of creating and complex passwords by using a passwords manager application.