Red Team vs Blue Team

In the world of cyber security, there is a method called” Red Team vs Blue Team”  which is not similar with the data protection or website security. This method provides prevention of the attack. However , the Red Team vs Blue Team method inclined to think about protection, damage control and reaction. Moreover, they will adopt the hacker mindset can more effectively to developing the protection for a business securing themselves.


The Red team relied on its own expertise to explore any possible way to plan and carry out an attack. Red Team is external entities into the test the security program. This is pretend the behaviors of the hacker in the most way the hacker would try. However, Blue Team refer to the internal security that define the attack from the Red Team. Blue Teams should be distinguished from standard security teams in most organizations, as most security operations teams do not have a mentality of constant vigilance against attack, which is the mission and perspective of a true Blue Team.


Red and Blue teams ideally work in perfect harmony with each other, as two hands that form the ability to clap.Like the chinese kung fu Yin and Yang or Attack and Defense, Red and Blue teams could not be more opposite in their tactics and behaviors, but these differences are precisely what make them part of a healthy and effective whole.


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