Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, called Pen Test as well, is a method of testing security of a computer network, the devices and soft replications to find security vulnerabilities and attempt to exploit them before cybercriminal does. Penetration tests can be performed against networks, servers, applications, databases and even the cloud.


Penetration test can be a white box where all network information is provided or a black box with only minimal company information. Info site security experts conduct real-world attacks and use a methodology that includes reconnaissance information about target before the test, identifying possible weaknesses, attempting to exploit any vulnerabilities found to gain entry and report back to findings with remediation instructions to strengthen your network.


Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning are relative because a company will invite security expert to do penetration testing after finished vulnerability scanning and vulnerability mending. Security expert imitates hackers’ attack modes, penetrating from outside to inside in order to prevent the attacks from hackers and to know the security levels at the same time. Just like there is a crack on the rooftop, you will pour water on the top to test is it fixed after mended.