Password Security

Password is a common method for the Web account security. Moreover, the password setup by yourself that would be a problem of the security. It is because the hacker can using different method to guess the password and hack the account easily. In this article, we will describe three of the method which hacker used to guess the password. Moreover, recognise the hacker behaviour that would setup higher security password easily.

  1. Dictionary attack

Hacker will make a list of the potential password such as birthday, phone number etc. This method would narrow the range of the password, that would speed up the process to hack the account.

  1. Brute Force Attack

Hacker will try all group of the numbers and letters. If there are 100000 models of passwords that the worst case is you may trying 99999 times to find out the correct one. However, if there is a long passwords the numbers and letter model would require a lot of time to find out the password.

There are many of the hacking password method in the world. However, there are some advice to prevent the hacker login to you accourt easily.