Oh, My Whatsapp!

WhatsApp is commonly used and almost every Hong Kong people have installed this on their smart phone since WhatsApp is user friendly and has no advertisement at all. If you choose to use WhatsApp as the main communication channel because of there is no advertisement to disturb you, here is bad news to you.


Since growth of Facebook’s users has slowed down, Instagram and Snapchat have rapidly user growth, advertising values are higher on them, and now turn to WhatsApp.


Here is a statement from WhatsApp information media WABetalnfo,” And I want to add: WhatsApp is already working to implement ads in the iOS app.”  Recently, WABetalnfo confirmed that WhatsApp team is studying in the iOS version of WhatsApp to add advertisings. The format of the advertisement may be similar to the Messenger, interspersed between the dialogue bars of the friends on the user’s homepage. The current form of advertising is generally personalized advertising which is according to the user data provide interested ads. Will the message encryption of WhatsApp be affected?



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