Face detect in daily life

Recently, the most common using of face detect should be IphoneX which publish on last year. IphoneX used the face detect technology for the phone unlocking process and identify the user. That should be the new generation of using the face detect.  In the past,  we just only see the face detect on the movie that was amazing. Nowaday, you can see that on many different situation.

Somebody claimed that the face detect would be easy to hacked by everyone, for example, there are two people have a similar face. Lyndon smith professor of computer against that “ Everybody’s face is slightly different, so it’s almost like a 3D fingerprint.”  Evan identical twins, you can differentiate between them when you’re applying this kind of technique.

Facial just like a fingerprint , everyone face is unique. although there are two people may have the similar face, but still have little different on everyone face that can detected by the system including the texture, curves, contours, skin-tone etc.  But there are some barrier of face detect technology. For example, the lighting would affecting the capture of the facial detect. Moreover, the dynamic and ever-changing, with factors like ageing,pose,illumination and emotion.

IphoneX demorated the best facical ID. IphoneX will gets the flood illuminator. this lights up the face for the sensors. Then the cameras flashes IIR light to detecting the placement depth and position.And the Dot projector more than 30000 dots on the face to capture the 3D map of your face. At last, they will stored the 3D data, and check the matching face when you unlock the iphone. However, this is one of the way of using the facial detecting on daily life.