5 App recommendations for a Better Instagram Stories

Instagram story became more familiar than Instagram post and people more frequently post photos on IG story than on their IG post. So here are 5 apps that may make your IG stories prettier and more eye-catching!


Adobe Spark Post
This free-of-charge app allows you to process a static photo into a 4 second movie and add various effects to it to make your IG stories content even richer. Users can choose to create the image in the gallery or take a photo with the camera, select the special proportion of the IG stories and add an app-specific font to the photo.


The InShot app can help you change the film to different scales and sizes to match the IG stories full screen size, and you can also beautify and blur the extra black background in photos or movies, also you can select another colors or picture as a background.


PicPlayPost is an app that can combine several movies or photos and it has different arrangement styles for users to choose. Users can even add background music to their works. In this way, you don't have to worry about flooding your IG story when you are having a great meal, just combine all delicacies in one picture or movie with the music you like!


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