Web Application Firewall (WAF)

In this century, there are many new technical attract method to inject the company server. However, the firewall to become a important role for reject the suspecting people to entry the server. Moreover, there are some hacker would pretending some role to entry the server or system and submerge on the system for a while. Then the system firewall will failed the job of prevention. Moreover, Web Application firewall (WAF) would be a choice in this situation. WAF is a security guard which protecting the internal problem. For example, Firewall become the security guard for the front door, and WAF become the security guard inside the house. That would be double layer for the system protection.

Web Application Firewall check the web transmit for searching the suspecting activity that can automatically stop the illegitimate the activities by the setting that you provided. The WAF come covering the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities to decide the activities to block. It also can blocked the spam of comment, cross-site scripting attacks and SQL injections.

For the cloud based WAF that is a specific for the sever and web protection. WAF can banned the suspect user and to stopped the malice of searching behaviors that could reduce the pressure of the server. However, the WAF also can preventing the huge amount of Bot to destroy the server and system application to make the process more efficiency.

The benefit of using WAF, it can protecting the serve rapidly and the application would on process in 24 hrs non-stop working. Moreover, WAP supporting the 24 hours global update function that could be preventing  the new technical hacker more efficient. However, when the Firewall and WAF on your server and system that would be the strong protection.

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