Data Leakage Contingency Plan

With the develop of mobile devices and IoT devices, when there is a loophole in the system protection or use method, it may have data leakage easily. Once unfortunately happens, here is a guideline for golden 48 hours after the data leakage:


Step 1: Prevent Further Data Leakage

Shut down the machine at the first time you feel shocked about leaked data is not a proper way to deal with this situation, even though it works for preventing the data keep on leaking. Instead, you should take the system offline, do not modify any settings and check the monitoring system works or not to ensure all the things are putting on record at the same time.


Step 2: investigation cause

After prevent continuing data leakage, it is necessary to investigate the cause of data leak, some questions that helps you to recap the memories and do the investigation. Have you ever been illegally using accounts that have been buried? Is there a loophole in the system? Is there any information on the borders that has been stolen?


Step 3: Remedy

The next step of find out the cause of the leak and the final step is to solve the problem accordingly. Upgrade the system, remove the virus, improve login permissions and reset the firewall setting if there is a loophole on the system. Remotely delete the device if part of devices were stolen.


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