APT Advanced Persistent Threat

There are various kinds of malicious programs, APT is one of them. You may not know much about malicious programs but you have to know APT. APT has been increasingly valued by companies in recent years because of the damage it caused is more serious than normal malware. APT full name is Advanced Persistent Threat, is a network attack which tend to steal your data rather than aims to cause damage to the organization or network. The hackers usually have a clear attack target and it is carefully planned to attack the target unit. They use different means, high concealment characteristics and long-term submergence in customer systems for malicious attacks.


Here’s an APT example to share with you. Hackers first set a target organization, find out the key employee and position list and their contact information from social media. Second, the hacker will send emails with malicious programs to those target employees as attachment, once the employee opens the attachment, it has been invaded by malicious programs, and then malicious programs will automatically search institutional important systems. After the system is determined, malware intercepts management rights and get the passwords to login various different systems to steal important data.


The way to against APT attacks, not only relying on a higher security product, but the most important thing is the employees have an increased awareness of security. Here’s a phrase to conclude: Prevention is ideal, but detection is a must.